Trademark Renewal Germany

Here you can engage us to renew your registered trademark in Germany. The price includes the official renewal fee.

EUR 1,150.00
More Information
Classes included3
Power of Attorney must be notarizedNo
Protection Period (years)10 Jahre ab dem letzen Tag des Monats, in dem die Marke angemeldet wurde
Renewal deadline12 months before the expiration date (which is 10 years calculated from the application date)
renewal for x years10
proof of use requiredNo
late renewal deadline 6 months after the expiration date
Fee additional classEUR 300.00
Late renewal feeYes
EUR 1,150.00

Details about renewal of trademark in Germany

Here you can instruct us to renew your trademark at the DPMA.

We will renew your trademark for you and pay the renewal fees for you. We then confirm the trademark renewal.

The term of protection of a trademark registered on or after January 14, 2019, begins to run on the day following the filing of the trademark application and ends, in principle, at the end of the day that corresponds by its designation or number to the day of filing (e.g., application filed on January 17, 2019 - end of protection on January 17, 2029). If the trademark was registered before January 14, 2019, the ten-year term of protection ends after the expiration of the month in which the filing date falls (e.g., application dated 07/05/2017 - end of protection on 07/31/2027). You can extend the trademark protection for ten years again and again. The extension becomes effective on the day after the expiration of the protection period. For a full renewal of your trademark it is sufficient to pay the renewal fee. However, the trademark can also be renewed for only part of the goods and/or services.

The renewal fee for the following term is due six months before the expiration of the term and can be paid within six months without any surcharge. If the renewal fee is not paid until after the expiration of the term of protection, surcharges must be paid in addition to the renewal fee within the six-month grace period. If the term of protection of the trade mark is to be extended for more than three classes, additional class fees are payable. The DPMA informs the trademark owner eight months in advance of the expiration of the term of protection, but is not liable if the information is not provided.

Please also note: renewal fees may not be paid earlier than six months before the due date. If the renewal fees are not paid or not paid sufficiently, the trademark right expires.

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