Purchase of ready to operate GmbH shelf company with bank account

Here you can purchse a ready-made German GmbH shelf company with a bank account.  We will gladly advise you and prepare all documents needed to completely transfer the shares, amend business purpose and company name, change the registered address and appoint a new managing director.


More Information
Minimum share capital 25.000 EUR already deposited in bank account
Bank account included
Tax and Accounting service required, can be provied by our accountants
Registration yes, already registered
VAT ID registration not registered
Costs of notarization and registration not included (notarization approx. 850 EUR, registration approx. 150 EUR)

Description of the ready made GmbH company

This is an overview about the company which will be transferred.

The company

  • is ready to operate and registered in the company register,
  • is not yet registered for tax and VAT,
  • has a bank account Commerzbank or Postbank with 25.000 EUR deposit for the share capital
  • name and business purpose will be amended according to your needs
  • shares will be transferred after purchase
  • new managing director must be appointed by the purchaser
  • company has had no activity and/or turnover yet

Time frame

Transfer of shares and appointment of new managing director including change of company name and business purpose could be notarized within a week. The registration of these changes in the company register will take about two weeks.

Presence of the shareholder and managing director

The transfer of the shares and appointment of the new managing director can generally be made remotely with a notarized power of attorney.

Authorization for bank account

It is required that the new managing director authorizes himself at the bank for the bank account.

New registered office

Please note that the company will need a registered office address after the purchase. We can help you to rent such an address from a qualified provider, the monthly costs start at about 200 EUR plus VAT.

VAT, EORI, accounting and tax services

After the initial registration we can help to find an appropriate provider for administrative and accounting services upon request. For example, we have a partner firm who can register the company for general tax and VAT purposes, file tax declarations, manage account and annual financial statements. Costs depend on turnover, monthly transactions and required services like payroll etc.. As an example here are the fees for a small company


Liesegang & Partner mbB, Rechtsanwälte