Put your business on a solid legal basis! Start with legally approved Websites and Terms and Conditions! We draft individual Terms and Conditions or review them. Furthermore, we provide legal checkups on existing or upcoming websites!



Drafting terms and conditions for online-shops or platforms as eBay / Amazon

We draft your individual tailored Terms and Condtions for your online shop - Legally approved. We consider all applicable regulations and requirements on information or label.

Terms of use for online communities / any webservices

Conducting an online community or trading platform bears lots of (financial) risks without fulfilling all legal requirements. So protect yourself!

Order individually drafted terms of use.

The same applies if you offer other webservices, such as webhosting.

Drafting Terms for purchase and sale of goods and services

With diligenty drafted terms and conditions you can change some legal regulation for your benefit. It differs from sector to sector to check which clauses could be changed or not.  Although criterias on validity of sole clauses are not that restricted for business-to-business (B2B) deals as they are for business-to-consumer (B2C) deal you still have to make sure that your clauses or restriction within your terms are valid.  

Checkup and adjusting of websites and Terms and Conditions

To be on the safe side and be protected against any warnings or even cease-and-desist warnings by competitors it is recommendable legally checking up your websites or existing terms and conditions.

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