Trademark Renewal France

Here you can engage us to renew your registered trademark in France. The price includes the official renewal fee for one trademark for one class.
EUR 550.00
More Information
Classes included3
Power of Attorney must be notarizedNo
Protection Period (years)10 Jahre ab Anmeldetag
Renewal deadline6 months before the expiration date (which is 10 years calculated from the filing date)
renewal for x years10
proof of use requiredNo
late renewal deadline 6 months after the expiration date
Fee additional classEUR 80.00
Late renewal fee125
EUR 550.00

Details about renewal of trademark in France

We will renew your registered trademark for ten years and check the payment of the renewal fee.

Trademark Renewal in France: Protecting Your Brand

Renewing your trademark in France is essential for maintaining your brand's legal protection. The French trademark system offers a 10-year protection period, with renewals due six months before the expiration date.

Why Renew Your Trademark in France?

Renewing your trademark in France ensures continued protection of your brand in one of Europe's largest economies. It safeguards your market position and prevents competitors from using similar marks.

Our Trademark Renewal Services for France

We offer comprehensive trademark renewal services for France, including:

  • Timely renewal filing
  • Official fee payment
  • Monitoring of renewal status
  • Additional class renewals

France's Trademark Renewal Process

The renewal process in France involves:

  • Filing renewal application
  • Paying official fees
  • Verification by the French trademark office
  • Issuance of renewal certificate

Key Features of Our Services

  • Renewal for 10 years from the filing date
  • No notarized Power of Attorney required
  • No proof of use necessary
  • Late renewal option available (up to 6 months after expiration)

Understanding France Trademark Renewal

Trademark renewal in France is straightforward but requires attention to deadlines. The renewal period is 10 years, calculated from the original filing date.


Q: When should I renew my French trademark?
A: Six months before the expiration date.

Q: Is there a grace period for late renewals?
A: Yes, up to 6 months after the expiration date, with an additional fee.

Why Choose Liesegang & Partner for France Trademark Renewals?

We offer expert guidance, timely renewals, and competitive pricing. Our deep understanding of French trademark law ensures a smooth renewal process for your valuable intellectual property.


Protect Your Brand in France

Renewing your trademark in France is vital for maintaining your brand's protection. Trust Liesegang & Partner to handle your renewal efficiently and effectively, ensuring your intellectual property rights remain secure in the French market.

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