Trademark Renewal EU Trademark

Here you can mandate us to renew your registered EU Trademark. The fee is inclusive costs covering government filing fees, our professional fees, sundry and incidental expenses for filing and processing the trademark renewal. There are no hidden or unanticipated costs to be incurred by the client.

EUR 1,400.00
More Information
Classes included1
Power of Attorney must be notarizedNo
Protection Period (years)10
Renewal deadline10 years calculated from the filing date
renewal for x years10
proof of use requiredNo
late renewal deadline 6 months after the expiration date
Fee additional classEUR 200.00
EUR 1,400.00

Details about renewal of trademark in the European Union

With this form you can instruct us to renew your EU trademark. This includes

  • upfront review of the application to determine whether it complies with all applicable rules and statutes
  • complete the renewal form and send it to the EUIPO
  • general correspondence with the EUIPO
  • check and forward the renewal receipt
  • check payment of fees
  • check terms of filing

Renewing an EU Trademark

A registered EU Trade Mark is valid for ten years from the date of filing of the application. It can be renewed indefinitely for further periods of ten years.

The process

  • No later than six months before the expiry of the registration EUIPO will inform the proprietor, their representative or any other registered right holder(s), in writing, that the registration will be due for renewal.
  • A request for renewal must be submitted and the renewal fee must be paid within a period of six months before the expiry date and may be submitted until the last day of the month in which protection ends.
  • If no request has been filed in time, late renewal is still possible within an additional period of six months. The late request for renewal must be submitted and the renewal fee plus a 25% surcharge must be paid within this grace period which starts from the last date of the month in which the trade mark was due for renewal.
  • If no request for renewal is submitted, or is submitted after expiry of the grace period, EUIPO will inform the EUTM proprietor in writing that the EUTM has been cancelled and removed from the Register, and a notice will be published in the EUIPO Bulletin.

Should the EUTM owner not agree with the cancellation of the EUTM and removal from the Register due to non-renewal, it still has the possibility to request EUIPO to issue a decision on the matter.

Conversion or renewal?

If you choose not to renew your EUTM but would like to maintain your rights in certain Member States, you can file an application for conversion. This request must be filed within three months from the end of the additional period for renewal. EUIPO will issue an official written communication of renewal to the EUTM proprietor or its representative a few days after the actual expiration date of the EUTM. The renewal will take effect from the day following the date on which the existing registration expires. The EUTM Register will be updated and a notice will be published in the EUTM Bulletin.

Partial renewal of an EUTM

If you are filing a renewal you can indicate if you wish to renew the entire EUTM or just partially renew the EUTM by choosing to remove some classes.

Amendments to the goods and services

As part of the renewal request you can not only remove classes but also amend the list of goods and services. However, the amendments will be subject to examination and will only be accepted if they serve to restrict the scope of the goods and services. Amendments to the goods and services can only be applied for using the paper form.

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