Trademark Renewal Austria

Here you can engage us to renew your registered trademark in Austria. The price includes the official renewal fee.
More Information
Classes included alle
Power of Attorney must be notarized No
Protection Period (years) 10 Jahre ab Anmeldetag
Renewal deadline 12 months before the expiration date (which is 10 years calculated from the last day of the month during which the registration has been filed)
renewal for x years 10
proof of use required No
late renewal deadline 6 months after the expiration date
Fee additional class €0.00
Late renewal fee Yes

Details about renewal of trademark in Austria

We will renew your registered trademark in Austria for another 10 years and pay the renewal fee for you.

In order to guarantee protection for your trademark, a renewal fee must be paid every ten years. This exten- sion of protection is not limited, i.e. you may extend the protection for the trademark as often as you need this trademark protection. The due date for the renewal fee for trademarks is the last day of the anniversary month (= month of registration). The renewal fee may be paid at the earliest one year before the due date, and at the latest six months after the due date. For any payment made after the due date, a surcharge of 20% must be made along with the renewal fee.

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