Terms of Use for providing an online database

Are you the provider of an website with an online database?
Then you shall make sure that your website fulfill all legal requirements on such services. So, you shall provide your users with valid Terms of Use precisly describing the service you are offering. Further requirements are at least: valid imprint, legal cancellation policy (if your users are consumers) and of course you shall provide a data privacy statement.

Please note that all our drafted texts are subject to German Law. We of course translate our texts into English or any other requested language.

EUR 1,450.00
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EUR 1,450.00

Based on your given data the Terms of Use will contain all required information. 

This order covers the following points: 

  • - draft individual and legally valid Terms of Use
  • - draft of legally valid data privacy statement
  • - draft of imprint 
  • - legal cancellation policy and individual cancellation provisions
  • - checkup on payment terms (if any)
  • - checkup on sending newsletters (if any)
  • - clause on availabilty of website-services
  • - clause on liability of user and provider 


We inform and discuss together with you the duly way of design of your webserivces, in particlar the required design of your order confirmation page if you provide any services with costs. There are special requirements to be known under the heading "Button-Lösung".

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