Design Registration Ecuador

Application to file an registration of the design in Ecuador.

Our price includes official registration fees. A registered design protects a new or original feature of a product, f.e. the shape, the configuration, the pattern or ornaments. To be registrable, a design must be new and distinctive. Any person who is the the proprietor of the design may file a design application. If the design is registered it gives the right to use, to licence and to sell the design exclusiv.
More Information
Alternatively Registration via Hague Agreement possible Yes
Protection Period (years) 10
Power of Attorney must be notarized Yes
max period of protection maximum (years) 10
Legal Advice Yes
Flat fee incl. official fees Yes
When was this design first shown in public (date)?
Date of first application

Design registration in Ecuador

A registered design provides a monopoly position: Your design registration gives you the exclusive right to use the design. You can take action against any identical or almost identical design. No other persons may use your registered design without your consent. In addition, they are not allowed to make or sell products to which your design is applied. If a person uses your registered design without your permission, you can seek injunctive relief or request destruction of the products concerned. Furthermore, you are basically entitled to claim damages.

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