Design Registration Sri Lanka

Here you can mandate us to obtain design protection in Sri Lanka. We will prepare and file your design application in Sri Lanka. Our offer includes the fees of the intellectual property office for the application, publication and registration of your design. You will find more information below.
More Information
Alternatively Registration via Hague Agreement possible Yes
Protection Period (years) 5
Power of Attorney must be notarized Yes
max period of protection maximum (years) 15
Legal Advice Yes
Flat fee incl. official fees Yes
When was this design first shown in public (date)?
Date of first application

Design registration in Sri Lanka

Here you can mandate us to obtain design protection in Sri Lanka.


We will prepare and file your design application in Sri Lanka and inform you about the progress of proceeding.


The design of a product is one of the decisive factors for its market success. It can become an important asset of your company, particularly if it is a bestseller. We protect your design and file a request for a registered industrial design in Sri Lanka. Our offer includes the fees of the patent office for registration, publication and registration.


A registered design right in Sri Lanka will be established through a registration at the intellectual property office.


The maximum term of protection in Sri Lanka is 15 years provided the registration is renewed 2 times for periods of 5 years each.


The first term of design protection in Sri Lanka is 5 years and will generally be calculated from the date of filing. In certain cases the date of filing starts 6 months before the actual application date, namely if an application for the identical industrial design was filed within 6 months before filing of the application in Sri Lanka in a foreign country and if the priority of this foreign application date was claimedfor the for the new Sri Lanka design application



The registered design in Sri Lanka is an unexamined industrial property right. Neither the office nor we will examine the novelty and individual characteristic of your design.


A new industrial design means an industrial design which had not been made available to the public anywhere in the world and at any time whatsoever through description, use or in any other manner before the date of an application for registration of such industrial design or before the priority date validly claimed in respect thereof.


An industrial design shall not be deemed to have been made available to the public solely by reason of the fact that, within the period of six months preceding the filing of an application for registration, it had been a displaly at an official or officially recognized, international exhibition.


An industrial design shall not be considered a new industrial design solely by reason of the fact that it differs from an earlier industrial design in minor respects or that it concerns a type of product different from a product embodying an earlier industrial design.


The right to obtain protection of an industrial design belongs to its owner. Where two or more persons have jointly created an industrial design, the right to obtain protection shall belong to them jointly.


The applicant for registration of an industrial design who request the priority of an earlier application filed in a convention country shall, within six months of the date of such earlier application, append to his application a written declaration indicating the date and number of the earlier application, the name of the applicant and the country in which he or his predecessor in title filed such application and shall, within a period of three months from the date of the later application filed in Sri Lanka, furnish a copy of the earlier application certified as correct by the Appropriate Authority of the country where such earlier application was filed.


Where the office is of the opinion that the industrial design is registrable it will send a request to the applicant to pay within a period of one month the prescribed fee for publication of the application. Where the fee for publication of the application is not paid within the prescribed period registration of the industrial design shall be refused.


Where any person considers that the industrial design is not registrable he may within a period of two months from the date of publication file an opposition. If no notice of opposition has not been received the office shall register the industrial design. Upon the registration of an industrial design, the office issue to the registered owner thereof a Certificate of Registration.


For the registration of a design in Sri Lanka you need:

- the name of your design: (f.e. car fender „ALKU“, Artikel.-No.1234);

- drawings, photographs or other adequate graphic representations of the article embodying the industrial design only; views shall show your design in front of a neutral background, please provide us with black and white pictures or technical drawings reduced to the lines of the design without any further technical information that show the design views from all possible directions (bottom, top, left, right view etc.); please note that the protection will rest on what can be seen in the views only.

- contact details of the client;

- contact details of the to be registered owner of the design right and

- if the registered owner shall be a juristical person we need a copy of the commercial register;

- name of the natural person(s) who created the design; where the applicant is not the creator the request shall be accompanied by a statement justifying the right of the applicant to the registration of the industrial design.

- a short description - if possible - of the product/design, especially if the design has specific characteristics which can not to be seen in the views;

- in case of prior design application in a foreign country please provide a copy of the office letter stating the receipt of the filing, file number and name of the patent office.


If you engage us we will render the following services :

- Preparation of the filing including selection of the classes of goods (Locarno-classification);

- Examination of the images in regard to the formal requirements (we do not review if the design has novelty and individual characteristic);

- requesting additional documents or new images;

- legal advice with regard to the filing process and documents;

- sending the prepared filing details to you for review;

- Filing the application at patent office;

- Representation of the applicant in front of the office;

- Payment of the office fee (application fee, registration fee, publication fee);

- Transmission of office documents as well as the letter confirming the application;

- Legal advice in due time in order to enable you to extend the protection of your design patent to foreign countries by claiming the priority of the prior application;

- Receipt, checking and forwarding of the registration certificate (if available) and a copy of an extract from the register;

- Receipt and transmission of all documents sent from the patent office after the registration;

- docketing and deadline, renewal time monitoring.


Our offer does not include services in regard to oppositions or office actions and fees for notarization of documents.


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