Design Registration Eritrea

Here you can mandate us to register your design in Eritrea.
More Information
Alternatively Registration via Hague Agreement possible Yes
Protection Period (years) N/A
Power of Attorney must be notarized No
max period of protection maximum (years) N/A
Legal Advice Yes
Flat fee incl. official fees Yes
When was this design first shown in public (date)?

Design registration in Eritrea

Kindly be advised that presently there is no statutory Design Law in Eritrea in nforce. Therefore, it would not be possible to file design applications in Eritrea. However, in the absence of Design Law, Cautionary Notice(s) in leading newspapers in Eritrea for the said design may be published to declare owner's rights in the said design. The cost for publication of such Cautionary Notice(s) depends upon the total area covered by the same and therefore such cost may not be calculated before hand. No formal documents would be needed for the publication of cautionary notices.

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