Design Registration in Antigua

Here you can mandate us to obtain design protection in Antigua. We will prepare and file an industrial design application in Antigua and Barbados. Our offer includes the fees of the intellectual property office for the application, publication and registration of your design. You will find more information below.

EUR 1,850.00
More Information
Alternatively Registration via Hague Agreement possibleYes
Protection Period (years)5
Power of Attorney must be notarizedYes
max period of protection maximum (years)15
Legal AdviceYes
Flat fee incl. official feesYes
When was your design first shown in public (~date)?
Date of first application

Maximum 10 characters

EUR 1,850.00

Design registration in Antigua

Here you can entrust us with the protection of your design in Antigua. We will file a registered design for you. Our price includes the official fees.

The design of a product is one of the decisive factors for its market success. It can become a significant asset of your company, especially if it is a best-seller.


Basics: Registering a design in Antigua

I. Formal requirements

  • Up to 7 images showing only your design from all perspectives against a neutral background
  • Contact details of the client
  • Contact details of the future owner as well as his nationality
  • the name of the designer(s) of the product
  • if necessary, a description of the design if it has characteristics not apparent from the illustrations

II. Classification

  •  Locarno Classification
  • A multiple application within one Locarno class is possible.

III. Application procedure

  • There is no examination as to novelty and individual character.
  • An accelerated procedure is possible

IV. Scope of protection

  • Exclusive right of use
  • Unauthorized offering, production, sale and possession of protected designs can be punished
  • Color and shape design are protected
  • Three-dimensional and two-dimensional designs are protected
  • Often the same overall impression is also protected.

V. Opposition proceedings

  • After registration, an application for cancellation can be filed due to lack of novelty or lack of individual character.

VI. Term of protection

  • 5 years calculated from the date of application
  • If an accelerated procedure is used, the period of protection is counted from 6 months before the date of filing of the application

VII. Extension of the term of protection

  • Extension is possible for a period of 5 years at a time
  • The maximum term of protection is 15 years

VIII. Our services

  • Examination of the documents submitted with the application
  • Preparation of the application with selection of Locarno classes, subsequent request for documents, and, if necessary, legal advice on the application documents filed Confirmation of the information for filing the application
  • Filing of the application and payment of the official fees for the application and registration of the design
  • Notification of the possibility of confirmation of the application by the Office
  • Notice of extension of the protected area
  • Sending the communication of the Office on the requested registration
  • Receipt and forwarding of the registration certificate (usually in digital form) and a current excerpt from the register.
  • Receipt and forwarding of other correspondence with the Office
  • Notification of the possibility of extending design protection
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